Sunita Shanker

Sunita Shanker is a craft-based Fashion & textile designer, founder of SUNITA SHANKER and SUNITA SHANKER STUDIO label and is a prominent voice for the preservation of Indian Crafts. She has been associated with the rural Indian Crafts and Handlooms for the past three decades.

Her work is a collaborative effort with the artisans and their community, exploring creative vocabulary within the traditional craft context. Her commitment to the crafts sector helped her to harness the exemplary skills of textile artisans and gain insights into sustainable livelihoods and designs. It has been an endeavor to showcase regional talent and artistry through her work. Her design is a unique interpretation of style that combines both fashion and tradition seamlessly and yet maintains a balance between traditional crafts and design.

The ideology of the label SUNITA SHANKER  lies in the partnership with the rural artisans. The brand's aesthetics focuses on the traditional craft practices and textiles of India. While label SUNITA SHANKER STUDIO encompasses pret lines that aim to make high-quality craft accessible to more people.


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